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The design of Proud is simple and flexible, with an aesthetic that certainly reminds me of Clear from back in the day. Proud is rather colorful with different colored screens for each of the three views (Lists, Upcoming, and Done) and smooth ... More
Tower of Fortune 3
If you've played the previous two games, you will know that Game Stew loved to go with the old-school, Gameboy style graphics, complete with the grayscale screen coloring. In Tower of Fortune 3, however, Game Stew decided to go with color, so ... More
Punch Club
In Punch Club, players will take on the role of a young boy who saw the aftermath of his dad, who was a boxing champ, being shot in the street by an unknown character. You get taken in by one of dad's friends and then grow up to be a broke man ... More
Curiosity by Tamper
The interface of Curiosity is simple and clean, which will appeal to any minimalists out there. The app features plenty of white so that reading is easy, and the sans serif typeface makes it look modern. There are four sections in the app that ... More
Into the Dim
In Into the Dim, players will find a tale of a boy and his dog, who leads him into dangerous dungeons while wanting to show him something mysterious. To progress in the game, players will go through dungeon rooms one-at-a-time, trying to outwit ... More
I Wanna Be A Hero
Another great thing about I Wanna Be A Hero is the music. Since this is a rhythm-based roguelike, the tunes are just as important as the gameplay itself, and it excels in this department. The soundtrack and sound effects for I Wanna Be A Hero is ... More
Pokaboo is level-based, and players must progress by solving the puzzles one-by-one. There are five chapters at the moment, with 20 stages in each. To gain access to later level packs, you have to earn enough clears or stars, which is easier said ... More

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