Matilda directed by Daniel Michael DeVito

My favorite movie that I have loved as I grew up is Matilda directed by Daniel Michael "Danny" DeVito published in 1996. Some of the main characters were Matilda (Mara Wilson), Ms. Honey (Embeth Davidtz), Trunchbull (Pam Ferris), and many others not as important as the ones listed above of course. The movie costed about 36Million dollars over the period of a year and a half. The movie was based off the book "Matilda", written in a year until the publisher Roald Dahl finished he felt the book wasn't right so he gave it a try one more time and felt as it was right so he went on and published the book in the year of 1988. Matilda was just an adorable eye catching little girl to me representing myself in a guy version about her smartness and strive to read and learn math and her super powers which I wish I had but sadly don't. The main character is Matilda, a fun, nice, loving girl. Then there is Mr. And Mrs. Wormwood, the mean parents of Matilda. Her parents made the movie interesting by kind of abandoning Matilda by not letting her go to school with her dad being a nasty sales men by selling the cars for a lot of money for the wrong price and the mom on the other hand was always at the machines gambling her life away. My personal favorite Miss Honey, a nice, beautiful teacher of Matilda. There is one more character the Trunchbull, a cold hearted, head mistress of Crunchem Hall which is the school Matilda attends after her parents finally say yes for her to go the school.

The plot of the story is Matilda's education. Matilda reads a lot, and her parents, well just her dad, rips up the books she is reading. Matilda wants to go to school. Her parents let her. Her mom said " Honey, let her. She will be out of my way." So off she goes the next week. At school, Miss Honey is her teacher. The Trunchbull is her head mistress. Matilda likes school, she likes her teacher, but she hates the Trunchbull, so she is going to pull a prank on her. As Trunchbull walks into class Matilda tips over a glass of water with her telakanesis powers with a little water lizard that they found in the river before class started. As that happens the whole class laughs as Trunchbull is running around like a crazy lady without a head until finally she leaves the class room humiliating Trunchbull. A few minutes later Trunchbull calls Matilda to her office and throws Matilda into a place where its cold and spikes everywhere, standing up for hours until Ms. Honey goes and rescues her. One of the teachers at Crunchem Hall challenges Trunchbull because they are absolutely terrified of her. It is eventually discovered that Miss Honey's fears of her are particularly justified because Trunchbull is her aunt. They then later on that night sneak into Trunchbulls house and Matilda makes the pictures of Trunchbulls walls start moving, and the lights start flickering making Trunchbull scared out of her mind running her out of the house that very night causing relief to Ms.Honey and the students at the school which Trunchbull had ran. That was Matilda's goal of studying and her powers to run Trunchbull out of the school and she did just that.

Danny DeVito reveals that for the chalk to write by itself, they wrote the letters backwards on the opposite side of the chalkboard, then put a magnet on the chalk. They then had someone stand behind the chalkboard and write the words backwards with a device that attracted magnets. Danny DeVito not only plays Mr. Wormwood but he also serves as the narrator and director. Now for some goofs of behind the scenes. It is stated that Miss Trunchbull competed in the Olympics in shot put, javelin, and hammer throw. According to her jersey those were the 1972 Olympics. The hammer throw wasn't added as an Olympic event for women until the year 2000.

In conclusion, the movie was an overall fun and interesting movie to watch from being a little girl who had potential to using that full potential through out the movie was just brilliant. I would rate this movie 5 star even though it may be old I could still watch the movie over and over again. I am 17 years of age and until this day I watch the movie with a popcorn and pickle for the extra in the movie haha. Critics rated the movie a 3 out of 5 stars due to the absence of there placement of adulthood but many children young have rated the movie a goof 4.5 which I think is incredible for the background of the movie and the key points it made teaching us many life lessons. Matilda in my state of mind will always be the best childhood movie.



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