Sandlot is a movie that premiered in 1993

The Sandlot is a movie that premiered in 1993 that is directed by David M. Evans. The Sandlot is a fictional movie that was not based off of a book. The cast includes Tom Guiry as Scotty Smalls, Mike Vitar as Bennie the Jet Rodriguez, Patrick Renna as Hamilton Ham Porter, Chauncey Leopardi as Michael Squints Palladorous, and that is just a few of the famous stars that are in The Sandlot. The crew that helped make this movie possible includes Bundy Chanock who was the set medic, Deborah A. Cornett who was the production accountant, Rebecca Poulos who was the script supervisor, and there are so many more crew members that helped make this movie possible. Like all movies, they cost a lot of money to create. The Sandlot had a budget of about $4 million.

In the movie Scotty Smalls and his family moved to a different town. He was a new student and he quoted, I didnít have a single friend in a thousand miles. One day Scotty followed these group of boys to an old baseball field, the Sandlot. Scotty was fascinated by the way they played, as he quoted, It was like a never ending, dream game. It just went on forever.

One day the ball was hit toward Scotty he panicked. Scotty tried to catch the ball but he did not know how. He got up, and attempted to throw the baseball as well, but did not know how to throw the ball either. Scotty ran away in embarrassment. All the boys laughed and made fun, while one, special kid, took Scotty under his wings. This young boys name was Benny The Jet Rodriguez.

Benny invited Scotty to the Sandlot the next day. They met with the rest of the boys behind Vincent Drugstore. Hamilton, the catcher, was imitating Babe Ruth or The Sultan of Swat as Squints Palladorus quoted, but Scotty, however, did not know who The Babe was. Benny taught Scotty how to throw and catch a baseball. The other boys at the Sandlot noticed and became Scottys friends. They played day after day.

It is a hot day, you can see heat waves above the grass. Benny was up for a fun filled day of baseball. The other boys, not so much. They all decided to go to the pool for a swim. Squints had a huge crush on the lifeguard. He faked to drown just so she would save him with CPR and he would get a kiss. Squints and the others were banned from the pool that day.

A few days later, they were playing baseball at the Sandlot, Benny was up to bat. The pitcher, Kenny DeNunez, was getting ready to throw a fast ball. Benny hit the ball, dust flying in the air, breaking the stitching of the baseball, tearing the outside layer. All the boys surrounded the baseball skin on the ground, they were amazed. Squints said Come on Benny maybe two or three guys have busted the guts out of a baseball in history. Although Benny, did not think it was amazing. They did not have another ball to play with. Smalls said he had a baseball and ran home to get it, but It was not just an ordinary baseball. It was his step dads baseball that was signed by Babe Ruth. Scotty brought it back and was up first to bat. He hit a homerun! The boys were so proud, but Smalls felt sick as he watched the ball go over the fence and into The Beasts territory. Smalls told the guys that baseball was signed by Babe Ruth, they all panicked. That is when the adventure begins.

Benny and the boys bought another baseball and forged Babe Ruths signature as a temporary replacement as they tried to get the ball back. They tried everything, from sling shots to hanging Yaya up on a tree and lowering him down to grab the baseball. Nothing was working. Benny, had enough and grabbed his lucky shoes and jumped over the fence, grabbed the baseball, and ran. The beasts chased him all over town all the way back to the sandlot. The dog got crushed by a fence. Scotty and Benny helped the dog out and it turned friendly. Scotty and Benny went to the owner and to their surprise, the owner played baseball with Babe Ruth. He traded the boys with a baseball signed by all the yankees, including him and Babe Ruth for the old one if they visited him once a week. They made the trade and Scotty gave the baseball to his stepdad and apologized. From then on The Beast was the boys number one fan.

In this story the director was trying to make the audience laugh and be on the edge of their seats as they watch this humorous movie filled with adventure. He Incorporated the history of baseball and what it was like for kids back in the 1950s. It is a lesson that teaches kids that no matter the situation, do not steal from your parents, the truth will soon prevail. David Evans envisioned this film to be an enjoyable movie for kids of all ages. He wanted to show that baseball is a fun and thrilling sport that anyone can do.

The general perception of this film was humorous and thrilling. Many audiences believe that The Sandlot is one of the best movies they have seen. While others seem to not be a huge fan of the movie. I personally, consider this movie to be a joyful movie that makes me want to go and hang out with a bunch of my friends outside. It is a persuading film that teaches life lessons while still being entertaining. This is a movie that I will share with my future children.