Suicide Squad grossing approximately $700 Million

The movie I will be reviewing is the currently rated 6.7/10, Suicide Squad, grossing approximately $699.40 million dollars. Before the release of Suicide Squad, DC Comics and Marvel had teamed up to release Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, and X-Men Apocalypse, thus leading to a large hype for Suicide Squad. Prior to this movie, the two fandoms of Marvel and DC Comics had been forever separated, always picking a side. With the release of Suicide Squad, we were able to come together, and gawk over the sex appeal of Harley Quinn and the bad ass skills of Deadshot.

Before the movie, DC Comics was hidden in the shadows of Marvel, ever since the birth of X-men, Spiderman, and Iron Man. As DC Comic fans, we have been rooting for this to happen since it was just an idea. If you are a fan of classics, and one that prefers to see things done just like the books, this movie is sadly not for you. Director David Ayer seemed to have written and directed this movie from his own perception, instead of going with the vision of the writers from DC Comics.

The first mistake, or the first correction, that director Ayer made was the relationship between our beloved couple, Joker and Harley Quinn. In the movie, it is perceived that Joker and Harley Quinn are both madly in love with each other, and that either would do anything for the other. Yet, in the comic books, it is always seen as a one-sided relationship. As Harley Quinn is basically the servant of The Joker and completes all of his plans to take down the Bat.

Joker constantly abuses Harley Quinn, mentally, physically, and verbally, but Harley Quinn being so loyal, stays with him, but not in this case. In this movie, we hardly ever see the Joker mean to Harley, he adores her and talks about her positively. This relationship change then changes the whole theme of the movie, as the Joker strives to break her out of prison and then out of the control from the government. After this major change, I couldn’t really see any room for me personally wanting to accept this movie, I mean, this was a big change. Having looked past this change, next was the character development.

We loved Harley Quinn and Deadshot, but after these two specific characters, there was hardly any screen time for the other members background. I personally feel as if the lack of character background shown, was the reason that the audience could not get an emotional connection to the rest of the squad. From watching the movie the first time around, the audience is able to fully understand why Deadshot and Harley Quinn are both in the instituition, yet there are holes in other characters. Besides these personal reviews, none the less, I believe this movie was a memorable piece of work. I appreciated the unlikely twists that kept me intrigued, and made me feel different then what I was planning on feeling.

Watching this movie, I started really falling in love with the characters, even Enchantress a little bit. I feel as if this is from the dedication that the actors have committed to this specific title. First, we have Jared Leto constantly staying in character on set, even while not shooting. This allowed for a seamless transition from scenes being shot, and was well worth it on the screen. Will Smith had trained with Navy SEALS in order to fully know what it was like to be shooting such deadly weapons. In order to really feel the sultry, evil feelings of Enchantress, Cara Delevingne had gone to a secluded compound of her sisters mansion, and had gotten into character by stripping naked in the forest under a full moon, and had walked in the mud at night.

Some of the actors have even done their own stunts in order to have the real feeling for the movie. Jared Leto had actually tore his labrum performing a stunt. Margot Robbie studied gymnastics prior to filming, and had been able to perform a stunt in full Harley Quinn attire, including high heels. I feel as if many people are disappointed in the final product, due to the amount of excitement that so many people had. Many people had been waiting for this movie for about two years, and to not be what they expected, it is hard to receive. Despite all of the flaws Suicide Squad may have, even if in my opinion it may only be about 3, the light-heartedness of these characters give a different feeling towards these types of movies.

A feeling that is underappreciated considering villains are not ones to stress about being in danger. I give Suicide Squad an 8.5/10, I am absolutely not upset or let down by this movie, instead this is now one of my new personal favorites.