Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Book (1864)

Disney's classic adaptation of Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Book (1864) is, in my opinion, one of the most iconic Disney movies of all time. The Jungle Book was produced in 1967 and directed by (PRODUCERS NAME). The story follows Mowgli, the main character played by (ACTORS NAME), known as the man cub of the jungle. As a child he was left alone in the jungle and found by a panther named Bagheera, (VOICED BY) who took him to a family of wolves who treated him as one of their own. However, once he grew older there grew a threat: a tiger named Shere Khan, (VOICED BY). Bagheera decides to take the boy back to a village nearby, and in the process they encounter Khaa, a hypnotizing snake,(VOICED BY) and a herd of military elephants. In the jungle he encounters Baloo, (VOICED BY) the friendly bear who teaches him the way of the bear: the Bear Necessities. Baloo takes Mowgli under his fur so that he does not have to go to the man village but their trip is placed on a halt after Mowgli is taken by the chimpanzees because King Louie of the Apes, (PLAYED BY), wants to know the secret to mans red flour. After escaping the king of apes the battle with Sheer Khan is not over, but when it ends it leaves the watchers in a good mood. In total this classic Disney animation was made on a budget of $20 million and ended with a Gross Revenue of $141,843,612.

The Jungle Book came at a time when it was needed the most, after Walt Disneys death this was the first movie that was released and with confidence I can say that he would be proud of the film. The animation of the film was one of the best for what they could do with the technology they were provided with. Unlike other disney films this one is particularly unique because of the 3 different villains in the story, and the different characteristics of each of the characters presented during the film. The comical characters and their unique, individual personalities are what make this film a timeless classic that people of all ages can relate. Also, the film includes a variety of scenes that are not typical of a disney movie such as the fight with Shere Khan, or the scene with Kaa the snake and Shere Khan. The film does a good job at staying within the PG rating while also adding its own style of action that can cause a few kids to cover an eye.

The film is a great interpretation of bullying. This theme is constant as the bullies are represented in different forms such as Kaa, the snake who tried to eat both Mowgli and Bagheera, King Louie who had his chimpanzees kidnap Mowgli, and Shere Khan whose hatred for one person spread to all of humanity. In my opinion this movie shows kids how to not just run away when there is a problem, a bully, standing in their way. When someone stands up for themselves and protects those around him victory is on their side. The characters in the story make it comical and entertaining for the intended audience while also spreading the message of sticking with ones morals and values no matter the consequences. The films music and songs tie the story together in a family friendly way. I would say one of the films most unique attributes are the songs in the film; they are certainly what attracted me to the film through all these years. The songs are catchy, memorable and entertaining for the audience. The vocal actors made the movie seem more real and less animated, their emotions were portrayed through their tone and dialect, and although the animation was not the greatest, it was an advance in animation for the time era the film was produced in.

Overall, the film was a great adaptation of Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Book, the comical aspect of the film is both entertaining for the younger generations and the older ones. The plot is a unique one because it deals with a topic that is relatable to kids of all ages. This film is undoubtedly a classic because to this day new adaptations are being made such as the 2016 The Jungle Book produced by Jon Favreau, on a budget of $175 million and a gross revenue of $965.4 million. Critics review state that this film is one that Disney himself would be proud off, he can rest assure that the comical characters and their unique, individual personalities are what make this film a timeless classic. Each of the characters bring something different to the table, and the unique addition of three villains, and the upbeat and lively songs make the film stick out amongst the Disney classics.