Written and directed by Bill Condon in 2006

My favorite movie ever is Dreamgirls. The movie was written and directed by Bill Condon in 2006 and produced by Laurence Mark. It was produced and released through Dreamworks and Paramount Pictures and had an 80 million dollar budget. The film features such stars as Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy, and Jennifer Hudson. It was the most expensive film to ever feature an all African American cast. Dreamgirls is a movie about a trio of black females that are trying to make it to the top of the pop charts in the 1960s. It was loosely based on a broadway musical about the story of The Supremes and Motown Records. The hit movie based in Detroit is one of the most iconic movies of all time.

In the movie Deena, Effie, and Lorrell enter a contest to become the next big singing group, but they donít come out on top. They lose the contest to Tiny Joe Dixon. It's okay that they lost though because they get an offer to sing behind Jimmy Early as he goes on tour. Then when Lorrell gets together with Jimmy their manager Curtis splits the girls and Jimmy upp as he continues his tour and they become the Dreams instead of the Dreamettes and Deena gets the opportunity to sing lead. Effie is not a huge fan of that though because she always sang lead, but since Curtis and Effie were dating then she was discouraged that she didn't get picked to sing lead. Soon they start touring as well and Effie is not too happy to still be a background singer, but she figures out why he chose Deena instead of her. Curtis was cheating on Effie with Deena so Effie walked out on their rehearsals and into riots and she didn't feel too well. Later in the movie we find out that Effie didnít feel well because she was pregnant with Curtiss child but since Effie was gone for so long she got replaced by Michelle. Effie walked out forever after seeing that she got replaced and began working in a jazz club after having her baby who she called Magic. Then the Dreams have a show and Jimmy brings his wife and Lorrell doesnít like that so she breaks up with Jimmy. Soon after Effie left her brother C.C. walked out as well because Curtis was messing his music up by taking the soul out of it and he began writing music for Effie again and they find out that Jimmy overdosed on cocaine. Curtis didnít like that though so he stole her song and had Deena, Lorrell and Michelle rerecord it so she couldn't get any recognition for the song. Though when Deena finds out what Curtis made them do she gets in contact with Effie and gives her C.C., and her manager all of Curtiss books about how he got the money to support their group through illegal actions. Through all of this Deena apologizes and Effie tells her about her baby Magic but Curtis doesnít know about Magic so she stays out of that. They end up getting Curtis to distribute Effies version of the song and get him to do right. In the end Deena ends up leaving Curtis because of all he has done to hurt her and the people she loves and the Dreams end up having one last show to commemorate their time as the Dreams and invite Effie to perform with them and Curtis ends up figuring out that he has a child.

I believe that the individuals in the movie performed to the best of their ability. They used so much emotion, and were able to perform as their characters perfectly. They were able to take you through so many emotions at one time and the result was phenomenal. Dreamgirls is a movie that is loved among people all over. Critics have said that the movie was ardent, overwhelmingly emotional, and accomplished. Dreamgirls is the movie to see if you haven't seen it yet.